How to Use Social Networks to Find Babysitters

Use These Free Options to Find Your Next Babysitter

Finding a babysitter that is both reputable and available can be quite a task. Between finding someone that fits your needs, be it specific ages or qualifications, to finding a babysitter that has a reliable background often takes time. And let’s face it, time is exactly what we don’t have. In today’s world we need information, services and trust as fast as humanly possible. Social networks are a great way to achieve these things, from finding a reputable babysitter to learning about the next big electronic gadget – social networks are where it’s at.

Even if you aren’t active on many of the popular social networking sites, you can still find a reputable babysitter through these avenues. Listed below are the social network sites to check out and the specific strategy in finding a great babysitter for your children.

  • Facebook: This site can be invaluable when it comes to searching for a reliable babysitter. There are a few different methods to finding a babysitter when it comes to Facebook. First, and the most obvious choice, is to simply post a status – it can be something along the lines of “Does anyone know where to find a reliable babysitter in (insert city, area, town)?” You might be surprised at how many responses you may get by posting a simple question on your Facebook. In addition to the standard “status update” you can access applications such as Sittercity or Caresquare and browse babysitters that are connected to these babysitting sites. Lastly, you can also take a look at babysitting groups or communities on Facebook. Browse through these groups and you may find a great babysitter near you, all for free!
  • Twitter: With Twitter you can easily search everyone on Twitter by using their hashtag (which looks like a pound sign, #) to find babysitters. By going to the Twitter search function and typing in “babysitter for hire” or “reliable babysitters” you may come up with a goldmine. This method does work, but may be harder for those living in small towns. Another way of finding babysitters through twitter is with Urbansitter, simply log in with your Twitter or Facebook account and browse through available babysitters in your area.
  • LinkedIn: This is more of a professional site, meaning you’re less likely to find a teenager from down the road. To find a babysitter with LinkedIn type in the services you want – “babysitter” and take a look. LinkedIn also has groups of professionals all in one place, so by searching for babysitters you may find hundreds or even thousands of babysitters all in one place.

Other Places To Check Out Online

If you still can’t find a reputable babysitter through social networks, there are a few other websites you can check out – and no, not Craigslist. These sites are also a great place to look into if you are not a part of any of these social networks.

  • – This website has been around for decades, 20 years to be exact, and aims to help parents find a trustworthy babysitter without the hassle of looking through newspapers or online ads. is affiliated with two other websites geared towards caregivers and provides information about all the babysitters listed. While this website is great for finding babysitters it does have a monthly fee, so it may not be ideal for one time use.

  • – This website has been given great ratings by parents, and by parenting magazine, for being a quick, safe and reliable website for parents searching for reliable babysitters. All the babysitters listed go through an extensive screening process which includes background checks and reference verifications. While this site has free options, they are very limited and many users opt to pay for the service which unlocks many options and helpful tips.

The resources listed above are all great methods for finding reliable babysitters in your area. Whether you’re searching for a babysitter for date night or a babysitter for long-term care, these options may help you to find a babysitter that is right for you. It’s important to interview each potential babysitter and check their references, this way you know you are dealing with someone you can trust. Whether you choose to find a babysitter through friends and family or choose to search for babysitters with social networking options, it’s important to screen, interview and double-check each potential candidate. After all you don’t want to entrust your children with a total stranger.


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