Creating A Household Checklist For Your Babysitters


Even the most experienced babysitter needs help in order to be prepared for unexpected events. Parents need to feel comfortable leaving their children in the hands of babysitter. But, many fret over things they may have missed during the few minute prep before leaving. However, a babysitter checklist is a great and simple way for parents to provide babysitters critical information. These checklists are a great way to provide critical instructions, emergency phone numbers and schedules for the babysitter while you’re away.

Common items to include in a babysitter checklist include:

  • Health and Safety Instructions – Common things to include for health instructions include; location of medical supplies, medicines and detailed instructions, children allergies and medical conditions and location of first-aid kits. Common safety instructions should include; home alarm system information and instructions, door locks and window instructions and location of flashlights, batteries and candles. This allows the babysitter to provide the best care for your children, without having to search around for supplies during a crisis.
  • Contact Information – Common things to include for contact information include; home phone, work phone, cell phone, pager number, phone number for location you will be (friends’ house, spa, hotel, restaurant, etc.). This information should include phone numbers for both parents or all adults in the house.
  • Emergency Contacts – This should include the phone number for the local police, fire department, doctors, hospitals and poison control. It’s also a good idea to have two neighbors or relatives whom you trust on the list, include their address and phone numbers. Lastly, include detailed directions to your home so that the babysitter can give them to the 911 operator in an emergency situation.
  • An Escape Route – In case of a fire, burglary or other crisis, it’s a good idea to give the babysitter a mapped escape route. Give the babysitter a detailed map that includes all exits from the home, location of fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, circuit breakers and water shutoff.
  • House Rules – If your family has any strict or traditional household rules, place them on this list. Common rules include TV times and show restrictions, homework times, visitors, phone calls, computer and swear jars.
  • Expectations – Provide a detailed list of any expectations that you may have for your babysitter. This may include making dinner, doing dishes, bathing, bedtime stories, laundry or homework. Providing a detailed list of expectations allows the babysitter a clear outline of what he or she is to do while you’re gone.

In addition to these items, a babysitter checklist should include a variety of other items. For the best care, include the full names, nicknames, ages and birthdays of your children. In addition, include any fears, comfort objects, favorite toys and normal schedule. By creating a babysitter checklist, you’ll rest comfortably knowing that your babysitter is aware of procedure, rules and emergency information. This allows everyone to enjoy their time together – and alone!


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