Easy Tips For Resolving Parent-Babysitter Conflicts


Parents must be able to trust that their babysitter or childcare provider will take good care of their children. However, parents tend to unknowingly cause tension between them and the babysitter. To avoid these issues and resolve any possible conflicts, parents must communicate effectively. For some Moms and Dads, being up front and direct about their wants and needs can be difficult.

Use these tips should you have any conflicts with your babysitter:

  • Try To Understand Their Point Of View Instead of arguing about opinions, try to be positive. Take a look at the situation from the babysitter’s point of view. Often times, parents will realize they were being too strict or harsh on the babysitter and/or children. Unless the child is in danger or the babysitter is ignoring your parenting views, take it easy and think. In reality. Parents will see that most of their babysitter’s are simply trying to help out and provide a difference aspect for the children.
  • Talk It Out – Parents should consider that the babysitter may not be clear on certain guidelines. Often times parents will give instructions, but they are vague or ambiguous. Ensure that everything has been written down and communicated in a clear and concise manner. In addition, speak to the babysitter at the end of each shift. Ask if she had any questions, concerns or helpful suggestions. Effective communication alone may resolve the issue.
  • Stay Calm If the babysitter has gone against your parenting style, stay calm. Explain that you are concerned with her discipline techniques, or that she isn’t following your orders. Never accuse or yell at the babysitter, that will just make the situation worse. Every babysitter is different so their experiences vary. This is why Parents will see babysitters as they handle situations differently.
  • Express How Much It Means – Unless otherwise stated or noted, the babysitter may simply not realize how important certain routines are to you and your family. If that is the case, express the tradition or why it matters so much. After communicating how important something is, she will likely oblige and the importance as well.
  • Listen To Her or Him – It may sound simple, but many times parents simply overlook what the babysitter says. Listen to what your babysitter has to say. Maybe she thinks her way of doing things is better, if so, show that you don’t approve. Perhaps she is unhappy with the bedtime, house rules or pay rate. You may have to negotiate new terms, enact a new schedule or remind her that you are the parent.

Communication is Key With Parents and Babysitters

To avoid potential clashes between parents and babysitter’s, it’s critical that expectations are laid out in the beginning. Ensure that everything is crystal-clear – and yes, that means everything! In addition, parents may find that taking a day or two to train the babysitter may help the adjustment and adherence to guidelines. Remember, communication is key in any relationship – including parents and babysitters.


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