Fun And Educational Activities For Children And Babysitters

A good babysitter will do more than just show up on-time and watch the children. The very best sitters will take their time to prepare games, meals and fun for all ages. This not only helps parents have a great time while away, but also ensures the children love seeing the sitter. If your sitter doesn’t already play with your children, provide these eight fun and educational activities for your sitter. They’re sure to get the kids moving, thinking and most importantly having fun!

How to Entertain Kids when You Are Babysitting

1. Scrabble – This board game may be played on the board, an app or on the computer. It’s a fun game that can help children learn vocabulary words and expand their knowledge of words – and their functions. Add some extra value by asking the children to define the word, offer synonyms or use the word in a sentence. You can offer extra fun by offering a healthy snack or treat when answered correctly.
2. Monopoly – Great for younger children, this game teaches children about money and its value. It is also a great way to increase a child’s math skills. Have them deal out the money and practice basic math skills like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
3. Chess – Best suited for ages 10 and above, chess is a great intellectual game. It’s a game of problem solving, strategy and skill.
4. Smarty Pants For Wii – Many homes now have game consoles like the Wii, which offer many fun and educational games. Smarty Pants is an age-geared trivia and action game. Age-appropriate questions are directed to both children and adults. There are a variety of modes including family, team, against the clock and friends. The game features over 20,000 questions for hours of fun.
5. Chutes and Ladders – Ideal for any age, Chutes and Ladders remains to be a good stand-by game that anyone can play. It helps to teach children about making the right choices; good ones help you forward, while poor ones keep you behind.
6. Twister – This game is great for getting kids up and moving, especially for those computer oriented kids. Twister is a great way to exercise while learning colors. However, you can make it more education oriented by asking questions related to the colors or making it a trivia game.
7. Flash Cards – While flash cards may not seem like a whole lot of fun, they can be for younger children. Get out the crafting supplies and help children make their own flash cards. The cards can include shapes, colors, elements, math equations, etc. Really, anything can go on a flash card. Once complete, spend 15 minutes with the children and their cards.
8. Memory – Memory is a great game for kids of all ages. It teaches children how to hone their intellectual skills, while having fun at the same time. In addition, it helps to strengthen the brain. The game can be played with ordinary cards or a special deck.

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Regardless of age, there are many appropriate, fun and education games for children. Whether you choose to play hide and seek, kickball or a fun game of Chutes and Ladders, games ensure a fun time for all – and by adding educational values, you make children smarter. After all, the children are our future!


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