Five Things Your Babysitter Isn’t Telling You

What is Your Babysitter Keeping From You?


Your babysitter is truly one of the most important people in your family. After all you leave your babysitter in charge of your children and their lives. While your babysitter respects you, they often don’t tell you the whole truth. This doesn’t mean they are deceiving, it just means they don’t exactly tell you things that you don’t want to hear. Your babysitter wants to respect you and your home, but they probably aren’t telling you everything – and that’s okay. Below is a list of five things your babysitter probably isn’t telling you.

  1. Your Children Don’t Go To Bed When They Should.

This is typically the most common fib babysitters keep from parents. Bedtime is often a huge challenge even with parents or good mannered children, and likely your babysitter won’t tell you that they struggled to get your children to bed on time. If you think your children are not going to bed at their designated bedtime, and they probably aren’t, there are a few ways to help out your babysitter. One easy way to fix this issue is to change the children’s bedtime to an earlier time. For example, if you normally put your children to bed at 9 pm, have your babysitter put your children to bed at 7:30 pm. This way your children will more likely be asleep at their designated bedtime. In addition, you can also have you babysitter feed them dinner earlier and play with them more, this will tire out the kids making them more likely to go to sleep when they should.

  1. Your House Is Dirty – Really Dirty.

For obvious reasons your babysitter probably won’t tell you that your house is dirty and disgusting. In fact, they may feel that they need to clean the dishes before cooking dinner or that they need to clean the tub before giving your children a bath. Most babysitters understand that it’s hard to keep a spotless home with children around, but they will likely think your house is a pigsty. If you think they will go ahead and clean your home to make them feel more comfortable, they won’t and you shouldn’t expect them to. After all they are your babysitter and not your housekeeper.

  1. I’m Not Your Housekeeper or Personal Assistant.

Your babysitter may feel frustrated if you have them running errands, cleaning the house or other various tasks that were not mentioned in the interview. Your babysitter does not want to cook meals from scratch, help your kids with their homework, walk the dogs, clean the house or run your personal errands. Your babysitter is just that, your babysitter. Don’t expect them to be you and do every little thing you do, your babysitter is just there to watch over your children. Keep in mind, it’s okay to occasionally ask your babysitter to go above and beyond but accept no as an answer, and if your babysitter does say yes be sure to pay them more for that day.

  1. I Want a Pay Raise.

This goes along with the previous points, if they feel your adding additional duties to their job, your babysitter will likely want a pay raise. In addition, your babysitter has a great knowledge of your home, including your financial status. This means that your babysitter will likely have a hard time speaking up about their pay. Average babysitters make about $15 per hour for a single child, so be sure to take into account how many children you have and pay your babysitter accordingly. It’s important to pay your babysitter a fair wage to keep them happy and productive. In addition, if your babysitter comes in on short notice, overnight or on a holiday do give your babysitter an extra “thank you.” Bonuses or pay raises are important for your babysitter, after all it’s just like any other job.

  1. I Wish You Would Tell Me The Kids Are Sick.

Often times parents forget to tell the babysitter that their children are sick and this leaves the babysitter a bit angry. It’s common courtesy to inform your babysitter that your children are sick as your babysitter may not want to come over. And if your babysitter doesn’t mind that your children are sick, it’s good to tell them so that they can be prepared. Children are cranky when they’re sick and your babysitter should be aware. Not to mention, your babysitter may become sick because of your children and by alerting them before the fact, they can bring medicine and other things so that everyone remains comfortable. It’s also a good idea to tell your babysitter just how sick your children are, most won’t care about a minor cold but if your child has the flu your babysitter probably won’t want to come over.

Babysitters are just like everyone else and do have minor gripes about their jobs. These are just five things your babysitter isn’t telling you, and yes there are more. Your babysitter may be afraid to come forward about these things for fear of getting fired or making you angry. By asking your babysitter questions and making them feel comfortable, your babysitter will speak up more and your relationship will be better. Since your babysitter is such an important aspect in your life, it’s important that you two have an open and honest relationship. Take these things into consideration and the relationship between your relationship and you will be better then ever.

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