Reporting A Bad Babysitter – Good Judgment Or Bad Taste?

Babysitters-now-good-with-kidsUnfortunately, many families fall victim to bad babysitters. This may be a simple unpleasant experience, or something more serious. Regardless of the experience, many parents wonder if it is possible to report a bad babysitter. And if they can, would it be in good judgment or bad taste. While it’s really up to the individual parents, many agree that it’s in everyone’s best interest to report a bad babysitter or nanny.

But, how do you even go about reporting a bad babysitter or nanny?

How To Report A Bad Babysitter

While there is no set standard for reporting a bad sitter, there are a couple options available.

  • Call the local police – Parents who have witnessed their babysitter doing illegal activities or putting their children in harms way, may choose to call the local police. This is probably the best option for emergency situations and those which involve child negligence.
  • Report Online – Parents may also choose to report a bad babysitter or nanny online. There are many websites which aim to inform parents of bad babysitters. Parents will be required to fill out a form. The form asks for a variety of information about the babysitter such as; Name, height, eye color, hair color, weight, skin color, physical address of involved children, address of observed incident, date and time of incident, detailed description of what happened. Plus, these websites want information such as; description of car, bag, stroller or other identifying objects and marks.

When To Report A Bad Babysitter

Again, there is no set guidelines for reporting a bad babysitter. However, it’s a good idea to report a sitter if you believe the child may be in harm. Good times to report include:

Possible Neglect – Negligence may be hard to detect. However, if the child is always upset, hungry or hurt when you return, you may want to report the sitter. In general, parents should listen to the child. The child may always cry or hide when the sitter arrives, they may refuse to eat, refuse to play or simply act strange. Of course, before reporting the babysitter it’s best to talk it out with both babysitter and children.

Possible Abuse – Obviously, if your child is showing signs of physical or emotional abuse, it’s time to report the babysitter. The child may have unexpected bruises more often than normal, cry at the sight of the sitter, act strange or seem lethargic. There are many signs of abuse, learn them all and observe the children.

Sexual Abuse – Children may have complained about the babysitter and certain games. The babysitter may make awkward advances in the company of the parents. Or, the babysitter may seem overly attached to a certain child. Learn the signs and report immediately if you suspect sexual abuse towards any children.

This is, in no way, a complete list. However, these are likely the two most important reasons to contact the police or bad babysitter website. After all, we all want to protect our children from adults. So is reporting a babysitter in good judgment or bad taste? Well, I personally believe it’s in good judgment – as long as parents aren’t reporting babysitters for eating too much food or other silly reasons.


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