Babysitters vs Daycare – What’s The Better Choice?

Which Choice is Best For Your Family?


Childcare is crucial to starting your children off in the right direction. Childcare helps your children grow, learn and essentially it helps morph them into young adults you’ll be proud of. However, selecting childcare that you trust and feel good about can be a hard task. With so many options to choose from it’s important that you research and learn the positives and negatives each choice has. Whether you choose a babysitter or daycare you need to know that you can trust the person looking over your children. Not to mention, it’s essential that your childcare provider will fit well with your families needs. Below we’ll discuss both babysitting and daycare, from there you can choose which option suits your needs best.

Daycare – Good or Bad?

Daycare can be located in an individuals home or in a facility with a fleet of trained staff. Daycare is typically a bit more affordable and offers your children important socialization skills. It’s important that your children learn social skills at a young age. Children are impressionable which makes learning social skills an essential. At a daycare you children will learn manners, how to interact with other children and receive discipline. In addition a daycare will provide meals, snacks and nap time for your child. While a day is a structured environment, much like a school it can also provide not-so-good teachings to your child. For example, a daycare often has many children and lets face it, not all children are well-mannered, meaning your child may learn bad manners or bad behavior while at a daycare facility. In addition, your child won’t receive as much one-on-one attention, meaning they may act out for attention while at home.

Overall, daycares are a good option for childcare. However, before you pick a daycare it’s important you do your research, visit a few times and talk to all staff. It’s also a good idea to pick a non-home based daycare, as they are not as regulated or organized.

Is a Babysitter Right For You?

Another popular childcare option is a babysitter. A babysitter is a great alternative to a daycare facility. While a babysitter may be a bit more expensive, it’s often worth it. With a babysitter your child will be their sole focus, which allows your children to get the best care possible. In addition, a babysitter will work with you and your schedule, this means that if you need childcare overnight a babysitter will be able to accommodate you. Lastly, your child will feel more comfortable with a babysitter because they will remain at home in familiar surroundings.

Other benefits of choosing a babysitter for your childcare needs are; transportation, errands, light housekeeping, meals and the ability to direct your babysitter to play educational games with your child. In addition, you can set the rules for your babysitter to abide by so that you child receives consistency when it comes to house rules.

However, if you choose a babysitter for your childcare your child may not learn those important social skills – unless of course you have your babysitter take your child on play dates, to the park or other venues where children typically play. In addition, a babysitter may quit at anytime leaving you struggling to find a new babysitter.

While both babysitters and daycare facilities are great options for your childcare needs, you must take into consideration the drawbacks of each. Which option you choose will depend upon your current needs and schedule. Remember, before choosing any childcare provider to do your research and ensure you can trust the individual looking after your child. With a bit of persistence and knowledge you will be on your way to choosing the perfect childcare provider for your family.

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