Five Signs Your Babysitter Isn’t Trustworthy

Know The Warning Signs of a Bad Babysitter

As many parents know, finding a reliable babysitter is a tough challenge. Parents continuously struggle to find a babysitter that they can entrust with the lives of their children – and for good reason. So many horror stories are floating around about babysitters beating or neglecting children. And it’s important that you know the warning signs of a bad babysitter. While a bad babysitter isn’t as common as you may think, they are out there and by knowing the warning signs you can protect your children. If your babysitter exhibits any of these warning signs don’t hesitate to let him or her go.

Below are the telltale signs of a bad babysitter:

  1. Your Babysitter Doesn’t Communicate With You.

Your babysitter should engage with you, the parent. This means that your babysitter should be polite and engage in a bit of small talk. In addition, your babysitter should ask about your children, wish you well and engage in enough conversation that both parties are comfortable. Not to mention your babysitter should ask questions regarding your trip: how long you’ll be, if the children have done their homework, if anyone is feeling ill, ect. These are strong communication bonds that you and your babysitter should have. If your babysitter seems disconnected, all the time, than you may have a problem.

  1. Your Babysitter is Always Late.

We all know that things happen, emergencies, traffic or illness can happen to anyone at anytime. However, if your babysitter is frequently late or is always canceling you may have a problem on your hands. A babysitter that is constantly late can throw a wrench into your plans or work schedule. In addition, a babysitter that doesn’t call to inform you that they will be late you may be scrambling to figure out what to do. It’s important that you and your babysitter are upfront and honest with each other. Let your babysitter know what time you expect them to be there and that they should call if they happen to run late. Also keep in mind that if your babysitter is frequently late or calling in, they probably don’t take their job seriously and this can rub off on your children.

  1. Your Children Complain or Cry About Being Left With The Babysitter.

While children may make a little fuss about being left alone with the babysitter, they shouldn’t cry uncontrollably or constantly complain about it. If your children are in serious distress about being left with the babysitter, you should really investigate the situation. Especially if your children only complain about a certain babysitter, this may mean that your babysitter is hitting, neglecting or being rude to your children. When your children show signs of distress about a certain babysitter, it’s usually time to find a new babysitter to look over them.

  1. Your Children Are Frequently Getting “Hurt.”

Children do have accidents and get a cut, scrape or a bruise – it’s normal. But if your child is frequently showing signs of an “accident” your babysitter may neglecting your children, or worse your babysitter may be abusing your children. Accidents that happen more often than previously are a serious sign that your babysitter is not trustworthy. Be sure to look over your children, ask them questions and ensure your babysitter is being honest.

  1. Your Babysitter Doesn’t Pay Attention to What You Say.

Any good babysitter will take note of all instructions you provide, write them down and likely recite them back to you to ensure they know the exact rules. However, if your babysitter seems overlook your notes and responds with “yeah, okay, whatever” you may have a problem. In addition, if your babysitter is constantly on their phone when your are talking they probably aren’t listening and that can result in serious problems. Be sure to set down the rules in the beginning and make sure your babysitter is focused on what you’re saying. Have a list on the fridge for reference and include all emergency phone numbers. If your babysitter doesn’t write down your notes, be sure to hand them a written copy of what you expect. A good babysitter will always know what you want once being told. A good way to know if your babysitter is listening is to ask them what your rules are, without looking at the list you’ve provided.

These are five telltale signs your babysitter may not be a good fit. By knowing what to watch out for you can protect not only your, but your home and most importantly your children. Knowing that you have a quality babysitter is important as they will be looking after your children when you’re not around. If you feel that something isn’t right with your babysitter, don’t hesitate to look elsewhere for a babysitter that you can really trust. As a parent, you have every right to ensure you have a babysitter that you can trust with the safety and overall well-being of your children.

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