Babysitting Tips For Parents – Make Your Babysitter Love Her Job!


A wonderful babysitter is a true treasure. They are the unsung heroes that parents depend on for a night on the town or vacations. But, they are also the ones that parents depend on while at work or when they children are sick. Finding a great babysitter can be tough, so when you do find one, it’s important you keep the relationship positive. Moreover, keeping your babysitter happy means she’ll care more about the children – and do a better job overall.

Use these tips and your babysitter will love her job:

  • Pay Well, Pay Fair and Pay On-Time: Before you even hire your babysitter, you should have created a set pay-rate. You want to ensure that your babysitter is happy with her pay, so go with going rate – which is about $10 per hour for adults and $5 per hour for teens. Lastly, be on-time with the payments. Unless your babysitter is an employee, avoid paying by check. In addition, leave a tip if the babysitter has gone above and beyond. By fairly compensating your babysitting on a regular basis, you’re showing that your value her and her services.
  • Stay On Schedule: Let your babysitter know when you will be home, even if it’s an estimated time. If you’re not sure, be upfront and update them as the night progresses. However, if you say you’ll be back between 9 pm and 9:30 pm, stick to it! It’s common courtesy to provide a time-frame. Plus, it’s important to remember that your babysitter may also have plans.
  • Food and Treats: Depending on how long you will be away, your babysitter will likely get hungry. Unless you’re comfortable with the babysitter digging around in your refrigerate, cupboards and pantry, you may want to leave out snacks. It’s also a good idea to provide some beverages as well. Not everyone likes the same things, so ask the babysitter her favorite snacks and drinks. You may also choose to label some leftover in the fridge with note for her, telling her what she can and can’t eat. However, leave an assortment for both food and sweet tooth’s.
  • Entertainment: If you have small children, they will likely be in bed before you get home. At this point, the babysitter may get bored. To prevent boredom offer some entertainment. This could be anywhere from games with instructions for handling the Xbox or PS3, or it could be movies. Set up any TV and movie programs like Netflix, which allow for easy watching on-demand. Be sure to have everything ready, including a list of TV channels and programs which can’t be watched with the children.
  • Activities For Children: When the children are awake, they will likely want to play games with the sitter. Take some time to prepare before the sitter arrives. Set out some games they love, fun and mess-free crafts, favorite movies and outdoor activities. This gives the babysitter a choice of games which the kids already love, making it easier for her to play, watch and have fun with the children.

By following these easy tips, parents can ensure that their children and babysitter are happy. When events go smoothly in your absence, they’ll appreciate all your efforts and thoughtfulness. This makes your babysitter happy to watch your children and more likely to look forward to babysitting, instead of dreading it. This allows parents to rest assured knowing their children are happy and safe during date-night.


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