Giving A Babysitter Additional Responsibilities – Pro’s And Con’s


In today’s world it seems the definition of a babysitter is drastically changing. At first, a babysitter’s only responsibility was caring for the children. However, many parents in today’s society are stacking up additional duties for their babysitters. Of course a babysitter should clean up after children during their work hours. But, should they be responsible for additional household chores like laundry, dog walking, meal preparation and cleaning?

Parents and Babysitters Going Over Extra Duties

The debate for additional babysitter chores is a bit controversial, but it really depends on the individual parents and individuals. Below are a list of pro’s and con’s for giving babysitter’s additional duties:

Housework Performed by Babysitters

With busy parents, many find it ideal to hire a babysitter that will perform extra household chores. Typical chores might include; general cleaning, dishes, meal preparation, bathing, dog walking and even laundry.

Pro’s – For extra busy parents, a babysitter that performs these chores may see their children more. Instead of doing housework while the babysitter is gone, they can spend the precious time with their children. Plus, it leaves parents stress-free, knowing that their home will be clean when they return home.

Con’s – The most obvious problem with giving a babysitter is the distraction. If the babysitter is busy doing housework, the children won’t be watched as closely as Parents might like. In addition, it may cause grief between the parents and babysitter, as he or she may feel they are being taken advantage of.

Homework with Your Children and Babysitters

Parents who work during after school hours may ask their babysitter to help the children with their homework. This may include helping the child with math homework or more elaborate projects.

Pro’s – Obviously, it’s typically beneficial for a babysitter to help a child with their homework. Especially for children that have a hard time in certain subjects like math or science. Having a babysitter help the children with their homework ensures that it is done when the parents return.
Con’s – Unless the parents truly know the babysitter, it may be a bad idea. For instance; the babysitter may do the child’s homework. Or the babysitter may simply brush off the task, claiming they did help. Lastly, the babysitter may simply not take the task seriously, which can lead to wrong answers and more problems with your kids at school.

Paying Responsible and Hard Working Babysitters

Obviously there are many pro’s and con’s to each. However, the most common complaint from babysitters is lack of additional pay and respect once these extra duties are added on. For parents that do choose to give their babysitter extra responsibilities, it’s important that they give their babysitter extra pay and appreciation. For a happy and healthy home, proper communication is important for everyone – including babysitters, parents and children.


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